Chira Devereux


Born in 2491 in New Cardiff on Londinium and as the daughter of a Parliamentarian and a high ranking General, Chira Devereux grew up in extreme privilege & wealth. Raised in the best schools, Chira was a gentle and curious child who very early on showed empathy, patience and a drive towards helping those ‘lesser’ than her. The bullied. The hurting. Her concern was too often met with teasing from her brother and father but because of her mother’s kinder, gentler influence (and her father’s stubborn nature), Chira too often trudged headfirst in her crusades, the consequences be damned.

By the time she was 15, the Unification War had begun. When she wasn’t advocating for more compassionate treatment of Independent prisoners (which habitually resulted in arguments with her father and her now enlisted brother), Chira was focusing her energy and academics on making it to Osiris and to being the first in her family to graduate from MedAcad.

By the time she was 18, she was volunteering in Core planet hospitals, tending to the sick and wounded.

At 19 she became closer to the war beyond the Core than ever before. She fell in love with an Independent prisoner, who she would have long ideological conversations with at his sickbed. His name was Trevor Pine. He had gone to the same schools as she had. They had been friends and had briefly dated on Londinium. After his capture and recovery, he was subsequently indicted on charges of treason. And in a show of the Alliance’s strength, was publicly executed, a message to any and all potential Core planet traitors that betrayal would not be tolerated.

Following Trevor’s death, Chira decided to give up the ‘right path’ and join the Independents’ cause. She managed to book passage to New Melbourne and then from there to Aphrodite. She fell in with a ragtag crew of suppliers to the Browncoats and then managed to ingratiate herself in with Trevor’s field captain, Darrian Jomo (the man who would become Spectre for the Resistance).

Chira missed much of the Battle of Sturges (though she saw the results of bloodshed). And was only beginning to cut her teeth as a field medic in the Battle of Du-Khang.

But the Battle of Serenity Valley, where medical skills such as hers were in extremely short supply, kindled all her rage and righteousness about being on the side of the Independents. The Alliance brutality was unprecedented. And though she managed to escape with her brethren, she never forget the Alliance’s action that day. Or the actions of men like Malcolm Reynolds and the 57th Overlanders.

Following the Battle of Serenity Valley, the war ended for nearly everyone on the side of the Independents.

For Chira Devereux, the war had only just begun.

Only a week after the Unification War’s end, Chira joined up with a cell of former Browncoats (including ZoĆ« Alleyne) and started putting guerilla hurt on the Alliance as a Dust Devil.

Has a case containing:

  • foam stitch gun
  • various vials of antibiotics

Chira Devereux

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