Oscar Lee Jefferson

Pirate broadcaster looking to expose the truth


Oscar Lee Jefferson came from a middle class family somewhere in the core. His parents, Sam and Hugh, generally kept out of politics and went about living a quiet life. Oscar had two sisters. The older one was named Sarah and she is generally great at everything. She went on to go to all the best schools and is now a high powered banker on Lindonium. Oscar’s other sister, Rose, went to boarding school when she was thirteen and died of some mysterious illness during her second year. This was Oscar’s first conspiracy. He never bought the story that Rose died of a medical condition. Depending on his mood, he believes that she’s alive, that aliens did it, or that it was a cover up for some deep dark scheme.

Oscar, however, was too smart for his own good. School was too slow paced for him and he did terribly in it largely out of boredom. He hates jumping through hoops and bureaucracy and both of these qualities made him a terrible student. He spent his spare time hacking into things, making video games, and playing video games. After Rose died he withdrew from everything and dove into the SPACE INTERNET. He became an avid consumer of conspiracies and, as he got older, began to put his hacking skills to use.

When he was seventeen he was recruited by a hacking collective called Swarm. They were anarchists and at first Oscar was happy to be an anarchist too. His initial contact with swarm came from gothpanda69. Gothpanda69 always wanted to bring down the paradigm and together they broke all sorts of things. After a year or so of partnership, they broke into Lindonium’s social services database and replaced everyone receiving government aid with the fictional Kevin. This resulted in widespread chaos for everyone receiving government assiatnceships that did not happen to be named Kevin. People lost their housing and went hungry. Oscar felt pretty bad about this and decided that he would henceforth use his powers for good, not chaos. He had just barely finished high-school at this point. He told his parents that he’d been accepted into a great college. He resigned Swarm and moved off world to see what kind of corrupt organizations and individuals he could unmask. His parents still think he went to college and he is sensitive about the fact he didn’t.

He settled on an out of the way planet on the rim. He made a living stealing people’s identities and channeling their money through various back channels to him. He started looking into corrupt alliance officials, Blue Sun, and whatever other conspiracy theory caught his attention. He began broadcasting his findings on his podcast, The Chupacabra.

One of his contacts was Valerie’s mentor.

Sam and Hugh Jefferson––parents that think their son has been in the SPACE PEACE CORE for 6 years.
Sarah Jefferson––banking executive on Lindonium
Gothpanda69––Member of the Swarm. They don’t see eye to eye politically but they still play SPACE STARCRAFT together on Thursdays. They spent way too long training together to let politics get in the way!
Valerie’s Mentor––passed along military information to him.

Oscar Lee Jefferson

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